It said that to avenge mankind for the theft of fire….Greek God Zeus gave a box to Pandora and told her not to open the box at any cost…He did this on purpose because He knew that being a Human Being….Pandora was bound to be curious and would definitely open the box one day….To let open all the evils in this world….So till this day,Pandora is blamed for all the diseases,plague and ill-beings in this world….But all though She let out all the evils….She is also credited with letting out the sole reason for Human survival….HOPE….Modern age Science is also like the Pandora’s Box….It bought technological development and improved the standard of living on par….But it has also bought in massive destruction of Nature glued to the the deaths caused by the misuse of Science…..Today,the only thing that can save the world is Hope….Hope that one day….Mankind will learn to use Science in correct direction….Stop destroying themselves….Before it’s too LATE!!!!


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